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Employee Grooming

The benefit of a mature business organisation with 81 years of operational excellence is that there are several good systems in place. We believe in translating our strategy into an everyday reality for colleagues by creating an energetic and exciting learning environment, inspiring every colleague to provide engaging service. In support of our brand promise to provide service that is engaging and inspiring, we offer training opportunities across many departments & for various facets of career including technical, behavioral, people management and others.

"Select, Lead, Train and Recognize," the Human Resources philosophy of Sterling & Wilson, is about selecting the right people, providing great leadership, and then creating an environment in which they can grow and develop.    From a prospective employee point of view, Sterling & Wilson offers the following advantages:

  • There are well designed induction and technical orientation programmes. There is a Corporate Technical Training Organisation which designs, collaborates and delivers a variety of technical training programmes for the Technocrats. The Corporate HR runs a menu of non-technical soft skills training programmes such as Business Communication Skills, Leadership Development Skills, Team building skills, and Business Etiquette.
  • The Company has many well designed, time tested HR practices such as setting the performance objectives at the beginning of the year, reviewing employee performance every year through an annual appraisal system and an annual compensation review based on market surveys. In addition to a market aligned salary structure, Sterling & Wilson also has a fairly attractive performance incentive scheme wherein, the employee gets an incentive based on his department’s performance coupled with his own performance rating.
  • At Sterling & Wilson, we are committed to promoting the Health and Wellness of all Colleagues through on-going education, training and communication. Sterling & Wilson provides competitive and comprehensive group health benefits that are communicated to new Colleagues at Induction. Group health benefits vary by Cadre of Employee. Our active Health & Safety team work to prevent accidents, by raising health and safety awareness through special events and annual awareness camps and on site Safety Training programmes.
  • Last, but not the least, Sterling & Wilson rightly boasts of the "Sterling Way", which is founded on a set of values and beliefs which have evolved over time. These beliefs have made Sterling & Wilson a highly respected, secular organisation. The Company has an excellent track record of employees working for many decades with the Company. In today’s high attrition market, the Company continues to enjoy the privilege of retaining many of its employees for many decades, thanks to its positive work culture